Cariba Heine

Playing the role of Rikki Chadwick is a dream come true for Actress Cariba Heine.

Cariba was born in South Africa on the 1st October 1988 and moved to Australia 1991.

She has been performing since the tender age of 3yrs. Cariba's passion is Acting & Dancing, and wants nothing morethan to continue in the industry for a long time.

Cariba's Credits include the short film Ballistic Sessions playing the lead role Amanda & was hired as the youngest dancer performing at the Stargazers Convention in Sydney. She has performed in many stage productions including a tour through the USA and was featured in the UK artist Will Young's Video Clip.

Cariba is an extremely dedicated and determined actress. For this role she hired a personal swimming coach to build up her strength in the water. Her hard work paid off when Cariba was recalled for the final audition which was filmed underwater.

When her agents broke the news, Cariba screamed. Especially when she was told she won the role of Rikki. This is the role she really wanted.

facts Do you know that...

Specially for shootings in the series H2O Cariba took lessons to get rid of emphasis.

In America, Cariba played in performances based on old Australian fairy tales.

Cariba was in the Will Young's clip.

Cariba said that she likes eat at home.

Cariba was the youngest dancer at Stargazers Convention in Sydney, Australia.

Cariba very likes to dance and acting.

Thanks Stargazers Cariba won the role in Australian short films.

Cariba likes to spend her time with frieds.

Cariba dacing since she was three years old.

When her agents tell that she will play the role of Rikki, Cariba screamed.

Cariba moved to Australia when she was three years old.

Cariba has been in the USA and in Britain.

Cariba thinks that in the TV Show H2O JUST ADD WATER bad only that you need to wear a mermaid's tail.


What is your favourite book and why?

My favourite book would have to be Nelson Mandelas 'Long Walk to Freedom' basically because it's an interesting political autobiography! Mandela has led an amazing life and retells this in a humorous and engaging way, especially for such a long book!

What is your favourite film and why?

I've got so many favourite films but I recently saw 300 so that comes to mind first. It's pretty unbelievable to think that such an epic movie was filmed in front of a green screen! The actors did an incredible job and were brilliantly cast. It's definitely one of the most visually amazing movies I've seen.

What is your favourite album?

Tough question. Right now my favourite album would have to be Black Holes and Revolutions by Muse. It never fails to make me feel good and I'm still coming to terms with just how good Muse are as a band.

What do you like to do most in your spare time?

In my spare time I most like to dance, shop and listen to music.

Do you have a favourite sport?

My favourite sport is rhythmic gymnastics, those girls cannot be human.

Do you have a favourite motto or saying?

'Everything happens for a reason.' Nothing original but it's stood the test of time!

What was the best thing about being a mermaid?

The best thing about being a mermaid was being able to swim in the tail and feeling more natural swimming in the tail than without!

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to move back to Sydney and continue acting and dancing, and hopefully to put the two together someday!
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